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CorePeople Oriented Principle

TargetEstablish a positive, friendly, fair and inspiring working atmosphere.

Company SpiritHuman Respect, Innovation and Practicality

Work StyleHonestly, Cooperately, Practically and Effectively

Company Activities

1、Paying attention to talent training and deployment and taking advantage of talents’ strongpoints , the company has established various regulations to inspire technicians to participate in technical research activities, and organized corresponding vocational training and external technical exchanges to improve employees’ combined abilities, according to current business issues.


2、 Having organized a company football team, basketball team, badminton team and shuttlecock team, the company regularly held training and matches for employees in their spare times.


3、During each past half-yearly review meeting, the company held a staff gala evening.


4、In each past spring festival period, the company invited home members of staff to a spring gala evening.


5、The companies assigned staff to travel, look around and study each year.

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