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Established in 2005, the hardware punching workshop is mainly engaged in stamped and sheetmetal parts. With an investment of 10 million yuan RMB and covering an area over 3,000 square meters, the workshop has been equipped with a batch of punching machines, sheet cutting machines, sheet bending machines, calibrating tightening and cutting machines, and spot welding machines etc..The maximum demission of sheet metal parts and hardware acceptable for the workshop is 300mm×200mm×200mm. With more than 1 thousand sets of available moulds in use, the workshop has achieved an average monthly output of 500 thousand part products. 60 clerks were assigned to the workshop, including 10 mould testing technicians and 50 veterans who are well experienced in mould production and test.

The workshop has separately started to undertake punching manufacture of various sheet mental parts and hardware.

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